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So I found what appears to be a good deal online for a larger cruiser, Suzuki c90...
Bring starting fluid, spray some in, crank it...

>If it runs, I wouldn't pay much above dealer trade in value.

>If it doesn't run, it's a $500 bike at best.

Dead battery?, then pop start it; if it will start.

Starting fluid fishes out a serious problems real fast..volatile as hale...if it won't run with starting flags and sirens.

New tires, windshield, battery...already looking at ~$600 if you do it yourself...$900 if the dealer does it...I'll bet it needs more than that...if you're not going to do the work yourself...I'm thinking this is a bad deal.

PS> Bring cash and only bring the absolute max you think you'd be willing to pay. Have a roll of $500 in your pocket, if it's a $500 bike, break out that roll out and say "$500 is what it worth to me"...Cash is a big motivator...buddy was looking at a bike...seller firm on price...eventually asked if my friend was pre-approved for a loan...friend whipped out a roll of cash..>SOLD!...for less than that "firm" price. The roll was the price he wanted to pay...he was willing to pay full price...but I had that extra money on that if the guy wouldn't accept the roll, my friend could ask me "do you have any cash on you?"...

PSS> Don't go alone...take a buddy or never know who the seller is...carry if you're legal to.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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