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So I found what appears to be a good deal online for a larger cruiser, Suzuki c90. Owner was not available last night (worked late) to show it, let us ride it, but we were able to look at it from afar.
For sure it needs new tires and windshield. Cosmetically, it needs some TLC. The chrome is a bit tarnished in spots, dusty and basically unprotected. It has been outside for at least a year (maybe more), and not ridden since April (tags expired). He's the third owner, the bike was his dad's then his brothers. It has a bit over 46000 km, so not out of line for something this old.
I have the guy over a barrel, he's really desperate to move this thing before he leaves on holidays tonight, so I should be able to get it for a song (I'm hoping for less than 2g's). I can then just trailer it the dealer for a full inspection, and get the urgent stuff looked after. Even if I don't end up liking something about the bike, I can flip it after I get it back up to snuff.
Storing something like this outside just doesn't make sense to me, is there anything other than the obvious dust and oxidation that I should be aware of that could happen to the motor, injectors, battery etc?
Any suggestions what to pay particular attention to would be appreciated.
I will have an extra set of eyes with me tonight, my BIL is an auto tech who rides, so there is some skill with me.
You stated that you "have the guy over a barrel", and that he is desperate. I can understand being excited about a great price on something, but it almost sounds like you're reveling in the guy's unfortunate situation and your ability to take advantage of it. I've got a great idea. Ask him what he wants for it, and if it's reasonable, give it to him. It may be just me, but I never haggle over prices if they are fair. Placing yourself in his shoes will shed some light on what I'm referring to.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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