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You might try looking at the mean streak, I don't know right off hand if the brackets are the same.

Kawasaki does silly things, for example the 900's, Custom and Classic, the engine, frame, and gas tank are the same.......from there they start getting some different parts.

Custom pegs, Classic floorboards, the brackets they fit on are different, how the bracket fits on the frame is the same. You may also need brake and shifter parts.

Plus the mean streak may also be like the 900 Custom where you can get Kawasaki brackets for long reach.

I have never checked, but the 900 brackets might bolt onto the 1500 Classic....if so then the 900 pegs can be moved up 1-2-3in further forward, I couldn't ride the bike with the pegs 3in forward.

I believe Suzuki did the same interchangeable parts thing with the C-50/M-50 and C-90/M-90.

Yamaha with the 1100 Classic and Custom.

Check the bracket on the mean streak and see if it will go on the Classic. I doubt it, but since the mean streak is 1600, there might have been changes in the bracket fitment.
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