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Made by Kuryakn

I tried the link and the correct picture was showing, but the bottom pictures were of something else. Maybe because I had been looking at something else.

The ones I have are on the far right, they stick out from the floorboard on the side not the front like the pictures show.

I've had them for awhile, today was the first rainy day so I installed them on the Vulcan.

You do have to drill a hole in each floorboard, but honestly the hardest part of installation is taking off and putting on the floorboards.

I did the opposite of what the instructions say, the clevis has a low side and high side, high side goes up according to the instructions. This is to prevent the peg from getting in the way when in the up position. This makes the peg stick straight out.

I installed the clevis high side down and this angles the peg back toward the rider. The pegs when in the up position do not interfere with the brake/gear shifter/ or foot. No Problems.

I think I'm going to order some mini floorboards to put in place of the pegs....someday
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