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Fix a Flat

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I "acquired" a screw as an accessory to my rear tire on my suzuki sport bike the other day. I've attempted to plug the tire 3 times now but with no success. The leak is slow for now. It is a brand new tire so I hate to replace it and was looking for an easy fix without removing the tire to patch on the inside. Fix a Flat states not to use on motorcycles but I was wondering if there was a product out there that would seal the tire? The hole is not in the tread but right on top where the tire contacts the road. Any suggestions?
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Never use Fix-a-flat on a motorcycle tire. It will throw it severly out of balance which ain't real good on any bike. You might end up pulling the tire off the wheel and using a patch for tubeless tires. If it were mine I would replace it, cheap insurance.
fix a flat

What about installing a tube in the tire? Thanks for the advice on fix a flat.
You can do that also with no ill effects. I forgot about tubes. Just have it balanced along with putting the tube in.
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