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First Time Riding :/

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A bit scary actually but the most fun I have ever had!

Probably not the best first time on a bike, in the hills... private driveway... on a 100R dirt bike.

I started out in 1st, a bit torquey so I was riding in 2nd at low speeds, playing around going up and down the driveway...

When I slowed to stop I shifted into first, I think I kept the throttle pulled and let the clutch out a bit to fast... Basically I popped a wheelie which made me pull the throttle even more :(... Eventually I let go of the gas, figured out that I needed to also pull the clutch (good news was the bike was having trouble idealing so it also died right about then) and I "dropped" it (never hit the ground but I basically laid it at a 45 degree angle sideways, its light so I just held it up)...

Kinda made me feel a bit sketch but I think the environment was just a bit to tough to get used to how light to be on the throttle, even on a 100cc the slightest twist of the wrist would lift the front end.

In a parking lot I think I could do a lot better...

But after I got it started (before the small incident) and was cruising up and down the street I felt very confident...

What a rush! :)

I am going to go out with the bike owner sometime to ride it at an actual dirt bike park, he also has a 50cc I'd like to play around with... Before my MSF (and ultimatly before I get my bike).
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I turned my 250 X-6 Suzuki into a dirt bike by stripping the fenders off it and putting on knobby tires. It worked well both on the street and in the dirt. My friend had a new 185 dirt bike that was street legal, and we went trailing all the time and rode our bikes to the trails. Neither of us had any problems riding on the streets. That said, I'm surprised that one of you said dual sport bikes don't do either dirt or street very well. If you go into, you'll find that almost all of them who take those long trips in the dirt have dual sport bikes. They seem to do very well. I'm tempted to buy one so I can also ride in the dirt. I know my C90T won't do very well.
CB750F, you're a lot like me. Every time I walk into a motorcycle shop, I wonder if I made the right decision. :) I guess I'll live with the one I have.
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