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First Time Riding :/

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A bit scary actually but the most fun I have ever had!

Probably not the best first time on a bike, in the hills... private driveway... on a 100R dirt bike.

I started out in 1st, a bit torquey so I was riding in 2nd at low speeds, playing around going up and down the driveway...

When I slowed to stop I shifted into first, I think I kept the throttle pulled and let the clutch out a bit to fast... Basically I popped a wheelie which made me pull the throttle even more :(... Eventually I let go of the gas, figured out that I needed to also pull the clutch (good news was the bike was having trouble idealing so it also died right about then) and I "dropped" it (never hit the ground but I basically laid it at a 45 degree angle sideways, its light so I just held it up)...

Kinda made me feel a bit sketch but I think the environment was just a bit to tough to get used to how light to be on the throttle, even on a 100cc the slightest twist of the wrist would lift the front end.

In a parking lot I think I could do a lot better...

But after I got it started (before the small incident) and was cruising up and down the street I felt very confident...

What a rush! :)

I am going to go out with the bike owner sometime to ride it at an actual dirt bike park, he also has a 50cc I'd like to play around with... Before my MSF (and ultimatly before I get my bike).
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I'm 15 and I've ridden for a little over a year. I started on a Honda CRF230F and I rode it a TON and got some great practice in. We have some property in Arkansas(I live in Texas) that we go up to 1 or 2 weekends out of every month. I've had hundreds of hours of riding just off road, not to mention on the street. I have a Ninja 250 that I've had since January. I started by taking it out for a ride around the neighborhood every day. I've ridden two up most of the time, and it's been a breeze. As long as your passenger knows how to lean and to not distract you, it's easy. I spent a month in Asia this summer, and my dad and I rented motorcycles for our transportation in Vietnam. It was a good experience to have, because Vietnam is known for very busy traffic, especially with motorcycles. I still haven't taken the MSF course, but I ride around outside my neighborhood. I'm very comfortable on a bike now, and I know my limits, and I ride like everyone is trying to run me over. Anyway, I just thought I'd chime in. This post turned out to not have a point, but who cares. Have fun riding.
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