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I've no experience with Lexmoto but I do know Chinese bikes.

Lexmoto is one of the better known brands out there making cheap bikes. They are pretty stupid cheap for what you get. I see the bikes have EFI (Chinese bikes in America don't even have that), digital displays, combined braking, LED lighting, are Euro 4 compliant etc. And even better, it seems Lexmoto's bikes handle themselves quite well, all things considered.


These are very much built to a price. And all of those awesome features do mean they have to skimp out in other areas. That gives them questionable long term reliability and durability.

So I'd say this: Only get one if you're also interested in learning how to wrench on a motorcycle. And get a used one, since I'm sure depreciation on them is heavy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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