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1st bike, go used. Also, get a bike that you can learn on knowing that once you are more comfortable you can get a bigger bike without too much $$ loss, if any. There are plenty of race style bikes like the Ninja in 250/300/400 that are great learners. With your weight, I think going with the 400 would be a better choice. Still a better choice would be something more upright and power of 500-650 IMO. Everyone is different and in the end it will depend on your "attitude" and "respect" for whatever bike. My son's first bike was a CBR 600 RR. He is respectful of what it is capable of and it has worked out to be a great choice. That said, he did fall down in a corner going 20 mph but wears full gear and got a little dirt on his jacket along with $1500 of damage to the plastic parts/fairings.

Good luck with your choice
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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