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Hello everyone, so, I had a brain injury in 03. I was in a coma for 6 weeks and woke up blind. haha Bad stuff. But, I got my vision back. I am very thankful for that. Lost my smell though. It's cool. I can remember what things smelt like.

ANYWAY, I cannot drive, for the fact that I have like, 8% of my vision. I see perfectly straight on. I just have no peripheral at all. But, I want a bike.

I have wanted to build one, for a few years.

My dad was great at working on cars. But, he was very abusive to my mom, bother and I. So, I never really did anything with him like that. Plus, he died about, a week before my 18th birthday.

I started welding a few years ago and taught myself how to tig and stick weld. I was happy to see that I could do so.

Now, I really want a bike. I do not really care if it runs at all. Though, it would be good if it did I guess. What I want, is a bike that comes with every part it should. I want to get it, take pictures of every inch of it. Then, I want to turn my iPhone camera on and take every single inch of the thing apart. Catalog the pieces, put them in bags and tag them. Then, put it all back together again. I just want to do that, over and over and over again, until I know it like I have been doing it for years and years.

My uncle just told me, to get a bike that costs a few hundred, build it and sell it. But, I told him, haha, how the hell, would I know what to do, to repair the thing?

So, I dropped out of school in 03. After the brain injury, I still have like, part of a test left, to finish high school. So, college would not be an option. haha

My question, what is a good bike to get, that I could just take apart and rebuild? Where would I get one? I looked on Craigslist and saw some. I think, one was very low price, but it said it did not come with a title. haha Seems a bit fishy to me.

I don't know anyone who works on cars, but another uncle of mine. He is an ex marine and has the hark of the tin man. haha Dude is so hard to talk to. Besides, I like just having things that I can do alone. Which, is why I love welding, writing, drawing, making music and reading. haha

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Welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear about your injury, but glad to hear about your interest in the machines we here all share a love of.

I'd suggest starting on a machine that was popular and easy to work on. Japanese made twins and four cylinder bikes from around 25 years or so ago will likely be the cheapest to purchase.

Lots of bikes out there can be had for very little money. If you don't plan on riding it, just taking it apart and putting it together, a title isn't so important. Old bikes often get separated from their titles. People store them, then abandon them or pass away. They put them into shops or storage and don't pay the storage fees, all kinds of scenarios that don't neccessarily involve theft. If a bike is covered with dust and rust, and doesn't have a title, and the seller's story sounds legit. thinking it was stolen wouldn't be my first guess.

Non-running older bikes can often be had for very little money or free, if people know you. If you are a member of a church or other social organization, ask around. Explain what you are trying to do and I wouldn't be surprised if you had several project bikes in no time. Try to find other people who share your interest. You may find that some older guys will be happy to let you hang around their garages, and teach you, in exchange for helping them with their projects.

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Do NOT buy anything without a title.
At best, you will never be able to register or sell it.
At worst, it will turn out to be stolen, and you are the guy holding the bag.
Good luck!
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