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Hi, Gayle here.
I'm 56 and just got my first motorcycle. (2005 Honda Shadow vt600 c)
We're in the sticks so I can take my time learning to ride since there aren't any cops around. :devil:
I have a million questions already and hope to gain some knowledge here starting with a fuel issue that's already reared it's ugly little head.Thanks!

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The sticks....
I'm in New Jersey myself. I don't know where "the sticks" are. Can you be a little more specific? We have people on this forum who are in Texas, or in Oregon, or in Australia, or in England. But you are the first who is in "The Sticks". :grin::grin::grin:
Sorry I can't help you with the Shadow, but it's a Honda so it has to be good!
Welcome to the forum, Gayle!

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Normally just a few more posts(count of 3) and the rest of the site
will open to you. This is the sites spambot control. Unfortunately it
is needed today. But you have to make 15 posts before you can post
pictures. Right or wrong it's considered a privilege to be able to post
pictures. Unless you use Tapatalk which somehow gets around
that restriction.

We are friendly site here. Well, most of us:grin:

What part of the sticks are you in? If like here, you better keep a close eye on deer a hogs challenging you at their "crossing".:grin:
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