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I recently accepted a `1983 honda nighthawk as a trade for an old POS car I had on craigslist. The bike will start up and run, but is unable to be ridden for a few reasons. I'm going into this knowing this is a project and am looking forward to tearing it apart and putting it back together almost as much as I am to riding it.
My first and main concern; The first day I set out to work my first step was to raise the frame on the front forks, as they were way too low for me. I had a hydraulic jack under the bike and loosened where the frame attaches to the forks, and the jack just gave out as soon as it had to hold the weight of the bike. It didnt fall over but the bike slid as far down on the forks as possible, and I can't for the life of me get it back up. It's now sitting too low to even support itself on the kickstand. Any advice on how to raise the bike back up on the front forks?
My other concern; the clutch. The bike was unable to be ridden the day I got it because the clutch handle is having no effect disengaging the engine from trans. 1st gear with clutch in- wheels wont roll. Motor started, clutch in, put it in first- stalls immediately. Any handy guides on clutch adjustment/anyone know for sure if I should just go ahead and assume I'll need a new clutch?
There's also a terrible fuel leak, but I plan on getting a carb rebuild kit and seeing what that does for me.
I work as an auto tech so I know I can get done everything that needs to be done here at home, have sufficient tools, just need some advice as to where to start more than anything as this is the first bike I've ever gotten to work on. Thanks for taking the time to read and any advice is much appreciated.
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