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I got a 82 GS850L Suzuki. Picked it up for 1000.00. Really clean for a 82, there are 3 cut hoses that I gotta really get into to find out what they go to, and the wiring harness is disgusting (atleast to my standards, im gonna rip it out and rewire it, super neat, better color codes + labels etc) There was a short in the break light that melted into the signal and kept blowing so thats reason enough for me to make it brand new.

Mechanically its great. Its kinda quiet, which is ok, but im thinking i'd like to make it a lil louder so ppl can hear me on the road, but its pretty clean bike overall. Worth the 1k to me, it runs, its clean, great for starting out and just trying to customize.

I do have a few questions tho.

The seat is like directly over the shifter and the break, so its kinda awkward sitting on it, and I like how the seat is lower in the front, than rises up over the fender, W/o changing the fender is there a way to replace the seat so it sits like 2-3 inches back?

How do I check the oil? I know that the Oil in most jap bikes lub the tranny as well as the motor. I think thats the same deal in this bike here. I was looking in the tranny from the hole to fill the oil, and it looked nearly bone dry. It had some oil all the way on the bottom, idk if I should change it, or even how much it takes.

Know any good sites to get some good emblems for the tank? I'd like to get something chrome that i can put on the sides of the tank to replace the suzuki emblems. I saw alot of decal stickers and cheappy sht, but I want this btch to look bad ass, not like some cheap cheesey ride lol.

As far as riding goes, I am a total noob, Im practicing on my side street at the moment kinda nervous to take it out on the road especially since I need to go and take my MSF couse to get my MC Endorsement in FLA.

Anyways any advice is welcome, I feel like a 10 year old with a new action figure lol.

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I guess my BEST advice would be:

-Seems like you are taking on quite a project with all you want
to do to it, (due to need or otherwise). That'll give you (at
least) a really intimate understanding of the mechanical and
electrical aspects of a bike, (especially yours) and it's good
to be very comprehensive in your understanding of it.

-Nerves can be a GOOD thing, when it comes to approaching
something new in your life. Don't let those "nerves" take
over and overwhelm you however. A "can do" spirit will help
you in your learning process. Always be on top of your
game when you ride. Trouble comes even to the BEST of
the riders out there as it is, so YOU be the best you can at
handling your ride!

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I would do some searching and see if you can find a FACTORY service manual.

If not, an aftermarket, like Clymer, will be a big step in the right direction.
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