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Hello all,

A few months ago I started to get an itch to buy a motorcycle to work on. I'm an engineer major so fixing stuff is in my nature for the most part and one of my good friends is a very talented motorcycle mechanic as well. I started looking around Craigslist, set a budget to 700, and went out to find a bike.

I tore Craigslist apart for about a month when I finally found a "beautiful" 1990 Honda CBR600F. I worked him from 900 down to 700 and thats all she wrote. My friend was with me to ride her and inspect her and get her back, and she's been sitting in my garage since and I have been working on her since.

So far I have:
-cleaned off the awful PlastiDip (took probably 20 hours total, it was a b&*h)
-purchased new front fairing
-plasticwelded all cracks/filled all cracks
-sanded all fairings to prepare for primer
-cut off old handgrips/purchased new hand grips
-replaced all broken tabs with ABS plastic from old, cracked front fairing

-disassembled throttle/choke and lubed each corresponding cable
-filed down right handlebar for smooth throttle use
-disassembled fuel system, installed new fuel filter
-cleaning rust out of gas tank currently with Vinegar
-purchased new fuel petcock as old one rusted through
-crankcase currently open and valves being adjusted (we figured out after we started adjusting that we need a very specific tool!)

-replace all fluids (oil, coolant, brake)
-inspect clutch plates
-bleed brakes (going along with replacing brake fluids)
-clean chain/surrounding area with degreaser and chain brush
-priming/painting fairings

Essentially I am doing the entire maintenance schedule right now to get her ready. Finally, I cannot WAIT to ride her. I'm taking the MSF BRC in the spring (the first one I possibly can) and then riding her everyday I can.

Glad to be a part of such a fun community,
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