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Just started riding, got my first bike (95' gixxer 750) been up there with the speed and everything but the leaning is my concern. I lean enough to turn and stuff but i want to know how close i can go with dumping it, i mean I havent taken to the limit but I dont want take it to that limit and dump it. Would i be able to lean all the way like knee to ground on my bike or do i have to do some work to it?
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You can lean it until something scrapes, but I'd recommend sportbike school or at least a track day with instruction before attempting to drag a knee.
take a weekend racing class, it will help alot
Take the racing class. you will learn the bikes limits befor you do something stupid. dont try to lean the bike all the way down on the streets, if you hit a pot hole or anything to make the bike lose traction your done. thoes guys who are laying there knee on the ground are on a surface that was designed for that.
I've dragged foot pegs. It depends on your tires, suspension, and cornerspeed. Unfortunately the question is a relative one.
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