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Hello all,

New here but been on wheels basically all my life and due to vertigo issues i do a vw trike the ladt 20 years my question is likely going to get better replies right here than a small traffic trike forum.

I know it varies by state and im in florida looking up state laws only helps so much and is very complicated and doesnt reflect what i see out on the roads.

So here goes, i see lots of cycles ranging from sport bikes to cruisers and in between some with more lights than the mothership fron zeta reticuli, all colors some flashing on the sides or pulsing brake lamps,

Some really wild and bright, to each their own, i respect it.

Some have way more than i run on my trike but im very curious what is actually "legal" and what is just being ignored by some LEOs who might feel bikes being seen are better than a smashed biker...



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Ron, you and i are very different, i do have concerns with laws for many reasons.
I do most of my riding after dark as i do not like heat and sun and being a trike im as wide as a car in the rear makes sense to have at the very least marker lights to show this,
I also have a disdain for inconsiderate drivers with poorly aimed and or highbeams led headlights blinding oncoming traffic, ive seen this too many times with cars.
If you blind an oncoming driver will you blame him for veering into your lane?

Zebra, the spyder guys might have thought your brake lamps looked like disco lights, ?

But yeah, i have seen lamps like your brake lights a lot, i like them because they do grab attention but not in a blinding obnoxious way,

So do you know are they florida legal?
I might want one in a center 3rd brake lamp.

Now you might understand why i posted this,
If i ask 10 LEOs what they think i will likely get 10 different replies, and in all respects to them i do not expect them to know every law perfectly in their head,
In the last week here in eustis fl about 10 square miles,
I saw a cruiser with a zillion blue lights, non police vehicle
I saw a cruiser with a blinding white flashing side led bar about 18 or 20 inches, painful.
A cruiser ripped by me last night with bright pink purple lights some flashing, another one had big harley logos in front and behind it projecting on the road.

I always believed across the board any color flashing was a nono and blue was a nono especially mixed with red, but i see bikes like that a fair amount,

So a big part of my posting this is while i do like my accent lighting ( purple ) unlike ron i dont want to ask to get pulled over, i just wanted feedback from others.

From what im seeing it would seem law enforcement cares very little about the lighting and guys getting stopped are speeding or showing off.

Thanks all,

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I have been pulled over for some really stupid stuff however i have almost always owned specialty vehicles, trikes, kit cars my 69 corvette convertible,
Some LEOs just want a better look,
But a few have been in bad moods and i dont look like the straight laced cat that i really am,

I was in the car the other night behind a tadpole trike of some sort
I noticed what i thought were very bright red lamps on the backs of the front fenders,
They werent lamps just reflectors, but they made it clear this thing is a car wide,
Made me want to take a look at what reflectors are out there.

Sure i want to been seen and safe but admit i still i like my accent lights,
There is crazy cool stuff in the biker world for lighting just have to find it,

When daytona or even the leesburg stuff rolls around all kinds of xmas trees on ufos driving around, i like the stuff if not too tacky.

Next time i see an officer at racetrac all ask what he thinks of bike lights

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Thanks for the kind words, i have had another trike before this one and it was how to say it more refined but i too like this ones general look better, the body is wilmac style and trikes to me look best low and well raked out, old school,
When they are too high and short and or look like they were hack jobbed in a junk yard with no thought or flow i dont care for them at all.
My wifes calls this one our munsters trike.

It pretty much shows how much accent lights i personally wanted, i was talking about the ones with full disco light shows more as a point that
LEOs must not care much about lighting because i see a lot of mostly cruisers looking like ufos,

My issue with mega bright moden headlights isnt so much from bikers as i only recall cars doing it to me but some inconsiderate dork will aim them crappy and they really do blind oncoming traffic and then thats not safe either,
I am biased i have optical problems and light sensitivity issues.

I like the pulsing light show brake lamps but i have 4 tail lights so 4 doing that would look pretty darn

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I value all opinions but my thead had zero to do with headlights or modern leds over old stuff,
Or if cats care about breaking the law or not.

My thread was about accent lighting, and i fully get some guys find any of it cheesy tacky or whatever but about 7 out of 10 cruisers i see have some accent lighting, not all ufo xmas trees but its there, so someone likes it and those where the guys i was directing my questions at, perhaps they are all out riding and dont have time to reply. Lol.

I love all the lighting options we have led headlights and all...
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