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I've had drivers pass me and then slow down in front of me. When I pass them back, sometimes they're yakking away on a cell phone! I'm sure it's happened somewheres, but so far I haven't seen another motorcyclist hold a phone to his/her ear and jabber about God only knows what!
OMG! Yes!

That drives me insane. I will see a car a mile behind me, 5 minutes later they're behind me, they pass me, they now go slower than me and I'm forced to kick off the cruise control and try to pass them...only to have them tailgate me if I do pass...the whole world is nuts....WTH?!
Everyday all day life for me.

"Right after me, you come first." This is my saying I repeat everytime it happens, people just have to be in front.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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