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Ever Got a Ticket For This?

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Come to a STOP sign & stop but keep your feet on the pegs? Back in high school (long ago) we always tried to keep our feet on the pegs when we stopped. Just for fun. We got good at it. Well a friend did that & got a ticket. He told the cop he stopped but the cop said "No you didn't, you didn't put a foot down." But I stopped! "Boy I can double the cost if you keep talking!" After that whenever we were all in a car & stopped at that location we opened all the doors, put a foot on the road, then continued on. Just for laughs. Sometimes I still stop feet up but I watch for cops when I do. Anyone else been ticketed for this? Curious if it's common or just in my little one horse home town.
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My Deputy Friend and I used to park, perfectly VISIBLE at usually 4 way STOP signs and the amount of Drivers that technically RAN them was amazing! This was in Southern California where the "California Stop" was invented: 'Approach the intersection @ 5 MPH or so, look all around, and proceed through the intersection without actually stopping!:eek:

:devil: Of course everyone we pulled over LIED and said they "Stopped for sure," until they were told that their 'STOP' was recorded and then the brain dead started to 'stutter' and accepted their fate and the Citation.

STOP: " to arrest the progress or motion of : cause to halt IE; Complete lack of motion."

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