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Passing - I've come to realize that I've been very anal all my life about following the rules of the road. That has changed. If you're the blocking rider, move to the right, point down to the left side of your lane and let the trailing rider go around (common move on the Tail of the Dragon). If you're being blocked and get the same courtesy, great. If not, find the best spot where you think you can safely get around, drop a gear or two and roll that throttle.

Smoking - I quit cigarettes in Jan '87 as a 3-pack-a-day smoker. I do smoke cigars on occasion, but never around other folks who might be bothered by it...and definitely not while riding or driving.

Jerks in traffic - everyone has their favorite story about jerk drivers or riders and the dumb things they do. My hard and fast rule: just get away from them or get out of their way. There is no winning solution to dealing with those people and it only puts you at risk. The competitive spirit comes out and you want to beat them at whatever game is being played, but it just ain't worth it. And you will never run out of those people until the day when all traffic is fully automated and motorcycling is just a fond memory.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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