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Error codes with Yamaha R6 2005

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Hello, to begin with i bought myself an R6 2005 with some electrical problems. When i bought it there were some error codes on the dash 20 and 30. I rewired some of the wires because they were hard as rock and breaking everywhere plus current rectifier connector was melted down. As i said i rewired everything, connected everything was ready to start but 3 error codes were came up on the dash the same 20, 30 and 11. What seems the problem as i checked every wire from top to bottom i rewired some of them, checked the error code 30 lean angle sensor, changed it to new one but still same error code 30. Any help? Ohh and also if that helps when i try to start the bike i press starter button, starter relay clicks and check engine light comes up and the motor won't turn like it seems as a dead battery but i double checked that the battery is new and the voltage is normal.
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Probably broken wire somewhere in BAS and starter-circuit.

1. Trace flow of electricity and measure voltage at various junctions on way to starter. Where power disappears shows problem is between that test point and previous one that did have power.

2. Sensor error code refers to issue with circuit in addition to sensor itself. There's typically a 5v reference line, a ground wire and signal wire involved. With BAS, it typically controls ground of starter-solenoid using AND/OR logic circuit in combination with clutch, sidestand and neutral switches. Measure all those switches and verify they are either open or closed in proper sequence to satisfy ground leg of starter-solenoid.
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