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Enduro - Husaberg

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Hello dirt riders!

Enduro is big here in Portugal. More than motocross...
There aren't many motocross tracks because they are expensive to build and keep, and most riders start dirt ridding at 17...30 years old... so most people get a bit scared of jumping ... and go enduro. Also in enduro you don't turn around a track... you travel... and that's suits me!

This is my enduro ride: a husaberg Fe400 , year 2000
(ups, can't show it yet...)

I can go all day talking about this bike, if you want...

Abra莽os para todos

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Well, you are going to have to talk about something until you can get to that 15th post and show us something! We will be waiting! I want to see that countryside that you ride on!
ok, then going on 'till 15

First a little history

Husaberg started shortly after Husqvarna was sold to the italian ( cagiva group, I think ). So these mechanics, engineers and pilots (often all in one) decided that they should start another company. Because there were no competitive 4 stroke bikes back then ( early 90's) they decided to go that route. Soon they had the best 4 stroke competition machines, small, light and fast, only a bit expensive and not very reliable... riders had to glue all the screws just to keep the bike together...
Things changed when husaberg was bought by KTM in 96 ( i think). KTM was not the powerfull company that it is today. They had just solved most of the problems with the 2 stroke machine, and were looking at a very hard work with they're 4 stroke. They had the LC4 motor. It was good and powerfull, but heavy and with lots of inercia. The bikes were big and tall and quite heavy... good for trailriding and desert races (this motor did win the dakar several times), but not so good for enduro. So they cut some ground and bought husaberg for that needed knowledge.
A big effort was made to get the husaberg machines more reliable, and they started sharing parts with ktm for costs reduction, but were allways lighter and "different" from the mainstream. They had to be different from ktm or else there was not point... and so they kept the development team in Sweden, even when ktm started building them in Austria.
In 2008 ktm finally caught husaberg at the weight deppartment, and models aren't that different anymore from the ktm models, so it is time for a big change: the 2009 will blow your minds! I'll show you guys, soon...
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15 posts!

iamgumby, i'll put some photos of portuguese off road tracks soon!
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Hey! I'm glad you two met!
I'm unashamedly a two stroke guy, but the I've always had a taste in exotic machines in the dirt. Husaberg, ATK and Gas Gas top my list for exotic machines I like to drool over. Thanks for sharing!
I've been thinking about getting into Gas Gas bikes but I have yet to take the plunge!
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