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Anybody have any idea what's going on??? See below...

A buddy of mine installed ground effects on my YZF 600R. He did a crappy job and used speaker wire and I never realized it. One day, it was running bad, and when I would put the turn signal on, it went fast, then slow, then fast then slow. I brought it to the dealership, after sitting there for a minute, I started loosing ALL power to the bike. It would speratically come back on the go out again. I left the bike there, they disconnected the LED's and "cleaned" off the connections everywhere and it ran fine. This was about 2 months ago.

I got the LED's installed correctly. Correct wiring, and correct connections.

Today, it happened again, it stalled out on me a few time, so I put the blinkers on, and they were spazzing out going fast then slow.

Can anyone help? Thanks
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