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Hi all! I bought my first bike last fall, but it was too late in the season to have any real fun with it. I decided to get a jump ahead this year by dropping it off at a shop to have some work done, and it turns out my ignition coil is shot. Explains the loss of power, bad mileage, and other issues.

Now, the Suzuki part number for this is 32900-44420. ~$500 new, but I've found a part number extremely similar to this one. 32900-44510. It is meant for my year bike, but the GS450A, not the L.

I'm really hoping someone can shed some insight into whether or not I can use this part in lieu of the original part number, especially since I found the one for the 450A for half the cost.

Now, I bought the bike for $700, which granted is a good deal, but I'm hesitant to spend another grand or so for the total of the work done and a brand new part.

Thoughts? Opinions? Will the part number work, and if not, will purchasing a new part (thereby making the real cost of the bike upwards of $1,700) be worth it?

Thanks for the input!

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