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Hi Guys,

This thread is for electric gurus! I've replaced the ECM of my 2004 CBR600RR twice now, something is surging and keeps frying them.

It all started with very poor idle, very rich conditions and 4 errors on the MIL System:

1 Blink: MAP Sensor Malfunction
7 Blinks: ECT Sensor Malfunction
8 Blinks: TPS Sensor Malfunction
9 Blinks: IAT Sensor Malfunction

I went through all steps to troubleshoot these errors in the service manual: continuity, voltage measures, resistances etc. Most results end with "Replace the ECM".
When I should read about 5V coming out of the ECM, I read 0V.

So, I replaced the ECM. The bike started right up and run great for a few miles with no more error codes...until it died. Again.

FI MIL Light blinking like before. Back to square 1.

I'm guessing that something is surging the ECM, like a ground or a solenoid shorting. Bypassing any fuse. The rectifier is under specs and the stator sends 13.9V at 5,000rpm. All good there.

I'm quite mechanically inclined but this time, I'm baffled...

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys.
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