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eBay Helmets?

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I was looking at eBay and was wondering what people thought of these helmets? they say DOT approved, but the price is so low... I wonder if they really are? anyone have experience on this product?

on ebay the item number is 140131369534

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Probably are DOT approved. If not that's false advertising.
A helmet is the most important decision that you will ever make inside a motorcycle dealer. With that said helmets are absolutely something that you get what you pay for. I remember back in the day the Bell helmet banner that read" If you have a $10.00 head then wear a $10.00 helmet"
Buy a reputable brand helmet and make sure that it fits correctly. From my experience most people are wearing a helmet that is at least 1 size too big.
I've only ever mail ordered 1 helmet in my life. I got lucky and it fit great. It's supposed to fit snugly and how can you tell if it fits right if ya don't try it on? Seriously check local bike shops, especially big ones, because every now and again they will clearance out helmets that are last years style at deep discounts.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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