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Hi guys i recently found myself being the new owner of an old ct90, i have no idea what year it is? I'm guessing mid 60s early 70s? its orange, cool and doesn't run because the wiring is non existent :( all wiring diagrams i can find have different wiring colors and don't really help me

here is all the info i can muster
engine no ct90E-1417438
i have 4 wires coming out of the crankcase/magneto? Yellow Blue White and one that was probably pink at some stage? but is faded now
i have 4 wires at the rectifier, Pink Yellow Green and red with white trace
and 4 wires off the coil, Green, Blue X2 which look like they maybe join to each other? and a black one which i believe goes out to the points? if anyone can help me just to get this thing to make smoke out of the exhaust that would be awesome. Being a diesel mechanic we don't see too much with plugs points or magnetos lol
Thanks Guys
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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