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The US uses corn to get ethanol. Canada uses grain. So I think the performance, and the problems differ.
The US had a major scam with a member of the Mormons, screwing the Govt. out of $ millions for fake credits.
I do not have the running problems with my XS1100, that are commonly referred to for carbureted engines.
Yami has been running fine for the past 5 or 8 years, and often sits for a few months while I am riding Noddy. I have never had the carbs apart on Yami. I did raise the needle one notch a few years ago. And I had one float stick after running out of gas. That was fixed the usual way by tapping the float bowl.

My XS400 sometimes has the small jets and or the enricher thingy get plugged. DP also sits for months at a time. Like right now while he is getting painted.
Noddy the Triumph Trophy sits over the winter months. He has problems with the carbs puddling, likely due to the stupid O rings that secure the floats. Noddy is also getting painted, and the carbs are off to fix the float problem. Noddy likes the ethanol free 91.
Bluzu the SV1000S is off about 3 hp running on US 87. I am not a chemist, and could be wrong about how the ethanol is derived.
My lawn mower, chain saw, weed eater, all sit for a while, and all fire when needed.

My boat sat for over two years, but the decent diesel engines always fire. Have a note to check for duel additive. Just changed the two fuel filters and will carry spares when we leave on 04 June. 22 liter jug just cost $48, and will be more at the distant marinas when we refill. UK
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