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I have a problem with my bike (Yamaha DT50R)
It is loosing power on higher gears (4th,5th,6th) When I roll the gas to the limit bike is loosing RPMs but when i let the gas a bit off it is slowly gaining speed (normally it reaches speed way faster) and after like hour maybe half of an hour the spark plug is Wet and bike dies
Mechanic adjusted carburetor ,before he did that bike was running like a dream
He also replaced bearings on shaft because bike was flooding spark plug way faster (like 5 minutes)
Vmax was 100 km/h now it is only 60km/h
Spark plug colour after 15 minutes of driving is good (coffee with milk) but like I said before after drivin 30 minutes Spark plug is wet and moped Dies
Last time I left it on Idle for 20 minutes ,when I came back to go for a ride I drove maybe 6 meters and Bike died
I Don't know what to do
Please help :crying:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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