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We all know the story...Declining 2 wheel sales even though the population is increasing...the next generation would rather sit in their parents basement with an X-box than ride a real motorcycle.

So, I have an idea!

Drone motorcycles!

"Riders" can sit safely at home with "virtual reality" glasses while "riding" a real motorcycle around town!

Yes, I jest...but am I? How long before this is a reality? I wouldn't bet against it over the next 50 years.

Look at the war machine operators in DC...same problem as the motorcycle many potential "soldiers" want to sit safely at home while doing everything...and that includes "defending the homeland" the DC war mongers invest trillions in drones to enable the next generation of "soldiers" to sit safely at home while killing people they don't know...ah, but see, another problem...these armchair warriors have a walks AI..."artificial intelligence"...

So, don't be surprised when you see drone motorcycles or the day when your home is removed from the map by machines commanding other machines...
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