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Draggin' Liners?

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For my motorcycling gear I plan on getting a leather or textile jacket (probably leather or atleast a hybrid) but for pants, I am thinking about getting something from draggin jeans instead of true textile or leather riding pants, and they seem to still work pretty well..

The jeans look nice but honestly what I would like most is the new draggin liners...

What do you guys think about this product? One review for their jeans talks about a fall at 55mph into the median, he says the jeans had one hole by the seam and didnt go threw the kevlar... I am sure the jeans are thicker denim but it didnt penetrate the kevlar, which makes me think if I went with the liner and my regular jeans, dickies, or whatever, I'd have decent protection...

Also their is an optional add-on for knee armour, I'd probably do that as well...

What do you guys think?
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