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Doin' a little riding.

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Took a trip to Michaux State Forest yesterday with the wife. I got a couple of pics.........

I got one similer to this one but it's of me almost stuffin' the Rappy into a culvert.

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Cool pics CB!!

(with all the zombie threads as of late, I felt that this was appropriate)
Nice pictures. Brings back some memories for me. I used to be big into ATVs. Loved it. I still have a Polaris Trail Blazer, but it has been stored for a few years now. Bought it back when I was just out of school. Had a Kawasaki Prairie 650. Was a great machine. Lots of power for a "utility" machine. I had some clutch mods and some other tweaks done on it. With the solid rear axle it was a fast trail machine compared to the IRS utility machines. Had no body lean. Traded it for my crotch rocket. I ride the bike a lot more than I did the ATV. But I kind of think I got the shaft in the deal, since the bike has been a mechanical nightmare. I bought the Kawasaki because of Mike Penland ( Was a friend of his when I lived in northern Georgia. I rode his modified Prairie that he had at the time and fell in love. At the time he raced for Team Kawasaki. He's on Can-Am now.
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Looks nice up there, how cold is it?
Put some better tires on my bike, and that looks like it would be a blast to ride. That road got a lot of curves or traffic?
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