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It's hard for me to imagine that any business would want to be part of this if you are telling them the truth: that you no longer own the bike, have no intention of having any work done, and only need a document for the court. An estimate is a commitment to do the work stated for the price stated, so they do have some liability. Giving estimates for vehicles they can't actually see may even be illegal?

I know it's no help now, but I'll say it for the benefit of anyone else who might learn from your experience. It seems clear that the time to get that estimate was right after the damage was done, when there was some prospect of a shop getting work out of it, and before you started to clean it yourself.

I think you might have to get creative to get that estimate, like photoshop creative. A less risky alternative would be to state to the court that you are NOT able to get the document for repair, due to the circumstances, and present your ex's estimate simply to give an idea of the cost of the parts involved, along with the bill of sale from the original purchase, and say that since professional repair costs exceed the purchase price, that in light of the circumstances you will happy to be compensated for some amount less than the purchase cost, plus the defendant pays your court costs. If you can afford a good attorney, things might go a lot better for you.

On the bright side, It's probably a good thing that you don't have a ex who is lawyer.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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