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Derbi/ GPR 50 vs. Senda 50?

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Thinking about throwing $1000's or so down on a 50cc bike to screw around with for a few months...

I wont be able to get a full size street bike (parental issues more then financial) for what looks like 9 months at the latest...

But I really want something to fix my need...

I have considered buying an 80cc cruiser type bicycle that gets about 35-40mph and could be fun to cruise around on but I really like these 50cc bikes because they work the same way as the bike (any bike really) Ill eventually be riding, a 2008 Ninja 250.

Anyways, any thoughts about these two? The GPR is a lot more sporty looking but is closer to $2000, I can probably talk the Senda down to $1000's...

I think the GPR looks a lot better but considering resale value/ease of resale, speed, comfort, qualit... Which would you recommend as a street legal (oh so that includes insurance now...) "toy" to mess around with before I can throw my leg over a "real bike" (250's may not be much by some standards but I think considering kawi's can compete with a Harley Sportster which is over 4 times the displacement, that its a pretty solid bike).
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both are good:
if you want to go fast, then buy the derbi
if you want a comfortable, do it all bike, then buy the senda
plus it's a better starter bike ( i think )
both are big in Spain
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