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hi everyone
PROBLEM with restored suzuki ts90 1972 bike,90cc 2 stroke . starts and runs very good for 5 miles [ not over 35 mph as running in reconned engine]then it stops ,
change to another new plug restarts after several attempts and runs for 2/3 : miles and so on .
then cuts out again ' Bike has got new ignition coil, lead ,regulator ,points condenser ,etc carb new jets and fuel line . checked fuel cap and vents ok
Seems something is overheating ???
Would welcome advice as becoming very frustrated as
i have owned it for over 35 years and would like again to be able to trust
it .[dry stored till 2014]
thanks and kind regards Dennis710

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Check the reed plate have seen them as they heat up for some reason twist and not seal. Also is it jetted correctly? I know I was struggling with mine big time (no mine is a Chinese scooter I zippied up) and it would almost seem to bind up as it got hotter and I learned the carbs and mix of oil and volume of the combo also will affect it it is a true science.

Now when you kill it, or it dies out, does it restart after cool down on the same plug it died on or do you go straight to swapping them out?

I know you said you had it a long time and dirty carbs can not just suddenly plug up but can slowly close like our arteries do and restrict the flow of gas/oil.
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