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Current 250cc motorcycle

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I am looking for a value priced motorcycle around $2,500 . I came from the 1970's era where a Honda 350cc motorcycle was the backbone. I hae noticed the smaller motorcyclesa ar all 250cc now. Is i save to assume that the current 250cc motorcycles are about the same powers as the older 350cc units.
I have been looking at the Honda Nighthawk, or the Yamaho Virago
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Kevin I run a 250 Honda and I used to ride 350's years ago...I think the 350's had more stuff but my 250 will easily go 70mph so the difference isn't all that much. I really think smaller bikes are in the minority but they're gaining in popularity. Depends where and why you ride.
Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info
The 250 Ninjas are way faster than a 350 honda, better mileage and far better handling and will run 105mph. The virago is not near as fast but its alot more relaxed ride with the single pin v-twin engine and they get great mileage. See the yamaha page. If you just want to cruise, go virago if you like curves and a race motor sound at 13k go with a ninja. I have never owned a rebel but my guess is they are close to the virago 250.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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