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Looks like a fun road and a fun ride. The road looks a bit choppy but a GoPro always makes the imperfections stand out more so than they actually are.

If I may be so bold as to offer a bit of advice to you. I too love to ride spiritedly but I'd keep it over a bit more, particularly your buddy. He is risking hitting someone coming over too far as well.

As for you, listen to your engine. You tend to roll on and off the throttle a lot during corners. You are better to give a nice smooth constant roll all the way through the turn. I realize its not always an option but it will smooth your bike out over that pavement considerably. If you feel that you are going too fast when entering the corner and cannot get a smooth roll-on accelerateing through the turn, then you are charging the turn. You will be faster if you enter slower and then roll on once you get the bike leaned over. You find that you eliminate many of your steering corrections mid-turn and your riding will look and feel MUCH smoother.

You may already know this but here is the throttle control rule: Once the bike is leaned over and the gas is cracked open, it should be rolled on evenly, smoothly and constantly throughout the remainder of the turn. Not at the apex, just before or just after but as soon as possible! There is only one way to determine a good line and that is one that allows the throttle control rule to be applied by the book.

Not trying to cut your riding, bro, just trying to help a fellow sport rider have more fun. Lord knows we all (definitely me included) need to focus on the basics. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed watching!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts