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crazy bike project need help.

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Ok here's the thing its a 91 katana with a hooked up 98 bandit motor in it. The problem we are having is the carbs. Both bikes are 600 cc but the bandit carbs won't fit. Can we use the katana carbs on it? Has anybody don't anything like this? What can I do to make this work?
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Nope. I don't believe the flow won't be enough unless they make a jet kit that will adjust for it.
The difference might be in the intake boots.
I just found out the 91 katana had a motor swap before this. It was a 600 frame with a 750 block in it so the carbs are 750. What can I do to make carbs work on this bike?
I'd almost have to see it. Doesn't sound good from here. The 750 carbs probably won't fit into the 600 intake boots at all. Measure the oustide diameter of the carb throats where they would go into the intakes and measure the inside diameter of the intake boots, a tape measure will kinda work but a dial caliper would be better. The intake boots should be slightly smaller inside than the carbs outside. Even if ya do get the carbs to fit you'll really have to lean out the 750 spec carbs for the 600 or it will run way rich.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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