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People love to have some type of validation of their fears, whether rational or irrational. For most of my life I have heard the warnings of those who are too timid, or too clumsy, to safely ride a motorcycle. Stories about "donor cycles" and about some friend or relative or relative of a friend, etc. that was hurt or killed on a motorcycle. When I did a few parachute jumps I heard the same sort of baseless stories about what is truly a very safe sport, but it is how those too afraid to try it themselves justify to themselves why they won't give it a try. And don't get me started about those who are scared to death of firearms, and usually have never handled a firearm in their life, let alone fired one. Every time there is a story in the news about someone negligently shooting themselves or someone else, or about an irresponsible gun owner leaving a loaded gun when a child can find it, they are truly gleeful pointing out how dangerous it is to own a gun. Again, it is just the frightened and the ignorant looking to validate their own fears and prejudices.

Most of us here understand that riding a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous that traveling by automobile. But we also understand the fun and enjoyment of riding a two wheeled vehicle, open to the elements, and how it is a totally different experience than riding in a steel cage. Some of my anti-motorcycle relatives cannot comprehend that I can go out for a ride on the same roads that I have ridden hundreds of times, and come home refreshed and mentally cleansed, the same roads that they would be bored to ride in their cars. And unfortunately for me, my grown children have successfully passed their fear of motorcycles on to my grandchildren. And while I doubt that any of them actually wish me harm, I have no doubt that if I suffer a crash they will happily use that event to reinforce their warnings to their children. On the other hand, I know of many people my age that have succumbed to their fears and allowed themselves to grow over cautious as they age, who now see the highlight of their lives as building a model airplane, or planting a few flowers, and thinking that anything more risky is just too much for them as senior citizens, and for whom myself, riding motorcycles at age 76, is taken as a mild rebuke of their timidity.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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