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Geeeeeze, I remember winterizing a bike in New England, have bike running, shut off gas. and let bike stall for lack of gas.
Fill gas tank and add some sort of additive or stabilizer. Then pull plug/s and shoot a few good squirts of motor oil into the
pug hole/s, then put plug/s back in but loosely and crank engine over to coat cylinder with oil.Support bike so tires are off
the floor and cover up with a sheet. It seemed to me that coating cylinder with oil was probably the best thing that one
could do and I suppose some would say, since bike was running when you shut gas off, it would have come to the same thing.
I don't remember if carbs had a drain plug back then in the 70's. I took the battery out and put in the cellar, where the temp
was always at least in the upper 60's. Remove chain and clean and oil it and service air cleaner and every month or so put
battery on a trickle charger which is usually around 2 amps, today it would be a .75 to .8 amp battery tender.

I can understand that different regions have weather that can be quite different, maybe shorter winters and a full blown
winterized bike is not required.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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