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Could you help us please?

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Dear all,
if possible could you please help us (no, not a request for money!)?

A few years ago a fellow motorcyclist from our groups of friends died from cancer. To remember her and other motorcyclists who have left us we started a charity to organize motorcycle events, the money we raise goes to cancer research, children’s hospitals, etc.

This year we raised money for The Cliniclowns, a group of people who visit children’s hospitals to give the children patients a fun time.

Each year the Cliniclowns hand out an award called the 'Golden Nose' and we are amongst the charities nominated. The public can vote for us and we need those votes as now we only come in second. Therefore, if you are willing to spend a minute of your time in voting for us it would be highly appreciated!

The link to go is:
Here you can vote for the Irma-run.
The story of the Irma-run can be found here:

Voting closes somewhere today so if you're willing to vote please do not wait!

If you know of any people who might be interested please feel free to forward this message.

Many thanks in advance!
Dries Bessels
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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