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$124.78 shipped. Working, includes manual. Plug N Play, no cutting/soldering required. Removed from 2009 C14.

It's actually pretty fun to play around with the tune on the bike, acceleration enrichment, cruise, etc.

From the onboard MPG display you can pretty well discern what the JB is doing, except during transients (hard acceleration, ...)

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bigger, more detailed ad for Juicebox...

Two Brothers Juice Box Fuel Controller for Kawasaki Concours 1400.

Excellent condition, includes manual. Plug N Play requires no cutting of wires or soldering..

Want to see what additional enrichment does to acceleration? If you can get better mileage with a leaner cruise? This box will let you tune your bike to whatever you want.

I found this very easy to program. 3 buttons. 20 minutes reading the directions and I was able to alter the fuel map as I desired.

$124.78 incl shipping. Paypal only to [email protected]

New they're over $200.

No emails, texts, PM's, etc. Call if you want it (97 oh) sivin five 9 797 (four times two) I'll post SOLD once it's gone. Until then it's still available.

Larger Pic:

Daffodils not included. oh what the hell. DAFFODILS INCLUDED!


Two Brothers Racing Juice Box can now boast improved drivability and more power. The Juice Box features simple plug and play installation and quick and easy adjustment. No need for computers and complex maps, just use the integrated buttons & LED display. Uses carburetor tuning logic for easy to understand fuel adjustments.

If you plan to modify your new bike then our Juice Box is a must! This easy-to-use control unit plugs directly into the OEM wiring harness between the stock ECU and fuel injectors providing precise control of the engine's fuel management system.

Key Benefits:

Allows addition of fuel required with engine modifications without upsetting stock fuel map.
Integrated buttons provide easy adjustment and fine-tuning of fuel delivery curve without external programming devices.
LED lights indicate fuel delivery settings while tuning.
Won't interfere with bike's stock sensors and inputs.
Easy to install (Each application comes with detailed color photo instructions).

Increases horsepower.
Improves throttle response.
Installs in minutes.
New third generation technology.
No computer needed to adjust EFI.
Plug-in technology (Doesn't interfere with stock ECU map).
Integrated buttons provide easy adjustment.
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