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I posted in the new forum members an introduction of myself which included the promise of posting my recently completed custom build. Here's the stats on it:

-Engine: 1150cc big bore kit with Falicon crank/rods, Wiseco pistons, Kibblewhite valves/springs
-Carburetors: factory, rejetted and polished by Oldschoolcarbs.
-Sprockets/Chain: 520 conversion, RK chain and rear, Krueger & Junginger, Germany, front.
-Headlight: LED Haley Davidson Corp
-Wheels: Carbon by Dymag
-Brakes: Front- EBC Vee- Rotors, EBC Double H Pads; Rear-Galfer Wave
-Frame and body: Steel tubing and Billet Aluminum Spars by IVI, Steel body by IVI, Billet housing by IVI
-Paint: Northwest Paint
-Rear suspension: Ohlin’s
-Front Suspension: KYB
-Upholstery: Gabe’s
-Controls and mirrors: Rizoma, Italy -
-Instruments: GPS-Legendary Motorcycles
-Tires: Pirelli Diabolo Rosso II
-Battery: 12 Cell Moty Design
-Exhaust: 6 into 6 Titanium by IVI
-Ignition: Dynatek

Let me know what you think.



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Well I'm seeing red. There's a bike there???:confused: Oh, the first pictures. Got it. Nice pipes.:D
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