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cold weather question

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I dont have a garage to store my bike. I live in western washington, and it can get cold. I'm going to purchase a cycle shelter for it so I can keep it in the backyard. I found it on
Is there anything I need to do for my bike, with the exception of filling the gas tank up all the way? Will I have carb problems with it? I dont plan on riding it, unless it's decent out. I dont want to ride when it's raining a lot or have ice on the ground. It may be parked for a few months out of the year. Your help will be most appreciative.
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hey bud im not an expert or anything but I live in NY so I know cold long winters lol I kept my bike in our old garage so it had a bit more shelter but it wasnt heated or anything so it still sat in the cold all I did was go out every sunday after church start it and let it run through sunday dinner (about an hour or so) till it warmed up and idled smoothly then Id shut it off top of the gas tank and repeat the next week no idea if thats the best way to do things im sure there are much better ways but its what I did hope it helps
I live in Minnesota and store my bike every winter. What I do is fill the tank add the proper amount of Sta-Bil to the tank. Close your fuel valve from the tank and start it and let it run til it dies to drain the carbs,remove the battery and store it indoors(you don't the battery to freeze), Deflate tires a little. Some people like to change the oil. The oil in my bike never has more than 2,000 miles on it and I change it in the spring. I also wash and wax it good put it in the garage, cover it and let it hibernate til spring. It is an all day job to winterize it and you won't be able to ride until you wake it up in the spring but I've never had a problem storing it this way.
alright this is what I used to do (I said used to because I'm planning to take it out this winter on good days - it'll be my first) since I don't have a garage and the bike sat outside on the driveway:

- get a weather proof cover.
- take battery out and charge it occasionally, or just get the charge-and-forget charger (type of charger that cuts current when fullly charged)
- I only change oil after hibernation
- this I haven't done but I should have: get both stands for front and rear to keep the tires off the ground (away from snow and ice). Just buy used ones, don't get brand new unless you have money to waste

After hibernation I just check everything (including test ride) before my actual rides.

Dad used to squirt a little oil in through the spark plug holes to keep the innards nice and clean, but it did smoke a little in the spring. He also waxed it, but never buffed the wax off of the chrome until spring to protect it better. I've never done either, but I like to get it out whenever possible in the winter.
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