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cm200Twin.. convert points to CDI

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working on a 1980 honda 200cc twinstar, it has a 2-cylinder engine with a stock 6-volt system and 6-volt electric starter... .. the bike needs a new battery and has no spark,.... my question is.... can i buy a 12-Volt Battery and install a CDI-ignition from another bike?? .. .. the twinstar has only one set of points, and only one coil, the coil has 2 sparkplug wires comming out of it.. both spark plugs fire at the same time evan though only one cylinder is at ((Top Dead Center)) on the compression stroke.. the other plug fires on the exhaust stroke wile the valve is open making for a clean burnning exhoust :) .. honda came out wih CDI-ignition on the 1981 and later Twinstars and Rebels.. ... is there a after market CDI i can install??? will my electric starter handle 12-volts????
PLEASE HELP.. AND PLEASE post any links and web pages that may help
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If I recall, it was called wasted spark. Many bikes use the method, including my GS550.

Don't put a 12v battery in a 6v rig. You're asking for trouble, and you'll damage your electrical system. Instead, look for a company called Dyna or Dynatech, they make conversion kits from points to CDI. Sorry, you'll have to google it, or type "dyna cm200" or "dyna honda" in the search bar on EBay. The conversion kit for my 79 GS550 ran $130 plus shipping. Good luck.
Thanks GUY..... i went to the web site... all i saw was the DLR-300 and the older DLR-200 Rev-Limiters they work off a 12-volt system and use there owen coils..... .. that would be a bit of overkill for my little .. .. i was thinking along the lines of using a CDI and alternater/ off a old dirt bike... i have no spark and a dead battery... after buying a new 6volt battery i may end up replacing the old points condencer and coil before i can get spark.. this thing hasnt ran in years..... so i was thinking about swaping out for a CDI and 12volt system.... i have a 250 thumber running a special machiened ATC-90 Fly-wheel/housing and keyway.. and i tossed the battery and ran it off the flywheel.. it reduced the spinning weight by about 5lbs and added mass . . i was only hoping i could do the same to this little old twinstar
PS. if you are runnung a DLR-200or300 you must have a damn fast ride
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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