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OK Guys, I just got doing a top end rebuild and the engine started up after the 3 kick and sounded real good, but... when I tried to ride the bike, the clutch wouldn't engage.

The foot pedal seems to "Click" through the gears (I can hear at least 2 gears click), but the clutch handle is soft and the clutch won't engage. I replaced the clutch cable and it's attached to the rocker arm which seems correct, any idea what might be causing the clutch to no engage? Could it be the push rod? Do you think I need to open the clutch case and take it apart to diagnose?

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a picture of the clutch cable connecting to the rocker arm.


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Most likely just an adjustment issue. Either adjust on cable if possible first or with the lock nut and and slot on the clutch rod. On another note, when you say the clutch won't engage, are you saying the bike won't move when the lever is released or does the bike lurch forward and die when you put it into first gear. The clutch is considered engaged when it is locked up with your hands off the lever. Pull the lever in to disengage.
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