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Sitting on the throne this morning, and reaching for some new magazine in the rack, ("TMI" I know), I picked up one of my wife's mags and found THIS picture.............

Just thought it was kinda I looked for it "online." It's an Artwork found in Belgium, apparently. Kinda neat, eh?!


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On one of our Trans America rides, mebbe when we went to see friends in Tennessee, I've forgotten when & where.
Momma might have a photo somewhere, but she isn't in at the mo.
Ill ask when she gets in.
Anyway we passed some weird chunks of wood, sort of randomly spread out.
Just about forgot about them, til we stopped at some sort of Lay By / Overlook.
From there, you could see a perfectly framed wooden square, with a square hole, in the middle.

I don't know about the " Too much time " comment.
I guess some people, are just more artistic than others.
Point in Case !
If I ever have "Too Much Time On My Hands " I get with my mates & we go shooting guns , then BBQ & Beer.

I never had a thought enter my head, saying, Hey, since we have some time, lets make something weird, out of wood, that only reveals what it is, from one place !!
And,if I ever did, my buddies would probably look at me like I was an Idiot, & say... Hell no! lets go shoot & drink some beer !!!!
Take Care Out There.
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