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Close calls, tell me yours

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I ride an 08 GSXR 750 and bought it brand new. A few months after I got it I was out on a late night island ride with a pretty big group of riders, about 30 or so and all on sportbikes. We had a general set of rules for these rides such as no stunting in formation and whatnot, but it being a casual Friday night group, there were always newcomers, which meant we didnt know anything about them. Well i was riding in the second row and we were all two wide on this road that weant along a cliff with ocean on the bottom. Its an awesome ride,...usually, but not this night. I saw in my mirrors the guy's lights behind me goin up and down, he was riding wheelies. I looked back at the road in front of me and then noticed headlights on the hills to my left! I looked back in my mirrors just in time to see sparks and a beautiful yellow GSXR sliding up behind me,...FAST! I braced for impact and soon was riding an indo right towards the cliff! The back had slammed into my rear tire and flipped me up! I was able to wrestle my bike back down just in time before i was fish food and to see the guy go sliding down the road passing me! I came to a quick stop, removed my pearls from up where they dont belong, and made a B-line to the fallen rider and his bike. I had every intention of hurting this guy but the road had done enough to him, and his bike so i let it be. We collected ourselves up and continued the ride and left that dumb guy to his bike and the tow truck.
Any body else have a similar story? Love to hear it.
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I'm not sure I'd consider these "close calls" since there's actual wrecks and carnage involved...

I have similar truck story...

One time in my 1st year after getting my licence @ 16-yr old, I was coming back from Santa Cruz over hwy-17. Lots of curves, perfect @ highway speeds. I was borrowing my dad's Supra and was really pushing it over speed-limit. It had started drizzling rain ever so slightly. Coming into corner, I flew up next to tractor-trailer and tossed it into corner.

Then it started rotating too much... OH NO!!!! I started seeing front bumper of truck enter my vision, then front wheel... SLAM ON BRAKES!!!! Luckily, my rotating trajectory with locked up tyres perfectly matched curve of road and I made it through 1/4th of turn before stopping sideways in lane! I was starring at door of truck which had also stopped!!!

My back bumper was inches from guard-rail and front-end was inches from truck! I motioned for him to move along as I couldn't move in either direction. After his trailer cleared , I was able to turn into his lane and creep along home like geezer. Safely back in garage, I checked over car carefully, not a scratch! Whew!!! :

Now THAT, I consider a very close call!!!
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