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Close calls, tell me yours

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I ride an 08 GSXR 750 and bought it brand new. A few months after I got it I was out on a late night island ride with a pretty big group of riders, about 30 or so and all on sportbikes. We had a general set of rules for these rides such as no stunting in formation and whatnot, but it being a casual Friday night group, there were always newcomers, which meant we didnt know anything about them. Well i was riding in the second row and we were all two wide on this road that weant along a cliff with ocean on the bottom. Its an awesome ride,...usually, but not this night. I saw in my mirrors the guy's lights behind me goin up and down, he was riding wheelies. I looked back at the road in front of me and then noticed headlights on the hills to my left! I looked back in my mirrors just in time to see sparks and a beautiful yellow GSXR sliding up behind me,...FAST! I braced for impact and soon was riding an indo right towards the cliff! The back had slammed into my rear tire and flipped me up! I was able to wrestle my bike back down just in time before i was fish food and to see the guy go sliding down the road passing me! I came to a quick stop, removed my pearls from up where they dont belong, and made a B-line to the fallen rider and his bike. I had every intention of hurting this guy but the road had done enough to him, and his bike so i let it be. We collected ourselves up and continued the ride and left that dumb guy to his bike and the tow truck.
Any body else have a similar story? Love to hear it.
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I think the scariest near miss didn't happen to me, it happened to my wife, I watched the whole thing and it was terrifying. She saved the day with riding skill, I wonder if I would have done as well as she did.
This is copied from part of an older post I made abut an IBA ride we did.

"As usual something always seems to happen early in the ride, this one was no exception, but it was a pretty serious event. What happened was that we were maybe 50 miles from home, rolling down the road in pre dawn darkness and we were discussing over the Sena sets that we smelled fuel..diesel to be exact. There were lots of trucks in the right lane, so that wasn't unexpected but it seemed excessive, like a truck with a poorly tuned engine. We passed a whole line of trucks, noticed the smell was stronger, then there was a LONG break in the right lane, with a single slow truck that had just moved into the left lane in front of us. Candy was in the front, she decided to take the right lane and punch up the speed to get in front of the lane hog, with about 1/2 mile to go till we would reach a truck in the right lane and have to move back. She rolled on the power, her 111 engine roared and as she crossed the center of the right lane her back tire broke traction, she got into a really nasty fishtail at 80 until she hit the far right of the lane and got it back under control !!!!
I was horrified watching this near disaster, I was in the left track and had no issues. As she caught her breath and tried get composed we both noticed helmets and windshield coated with fuel drops, and now we were coming up on that slow truck in the right lane! By now we had figured out what happened but had no real choice, she gingerly crossed the fuel soaked lane and we both made the left lane to pass the we passed it we realized he had a MAJOR fuel leak, it was pouring out and was coating the whole road with slippery fuel!!! Scary stuff!!! With this potential disaster behind us the rest of the ride should be easy!"
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Wow! Diesel fuel is slippery stuff.
A few years back, some damned truck spilled fuel as it turned the corner right near me,
As I turned the same corner on my Honda 90, the front wheel went right out from under me.
Hit the ground like a ton of bricks. Luckily I going very slow. Broken mirror and some bruises.
Nothing else.
Yikes! That must have surprised you. I bet you were trying to figure out what happened…

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I wonder what's slicker, antifreeze or diesel on the road? I've got sideways in antifreeze dumped on the road and it is some slick stuff.
Both of them :cool:
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Onions , Fortunatly I was in a pickup .., did 2 360s before I stopped ... Sure glad I was'nt on a bike ....
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