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Ok, I have a strange issue that has me scratching my head.

I am close to taking my 72 CL350 on a break in ride, however I'm having an issue where when the key is shut off, the engine remins running on one cylinder.

I don't use the kill switch, I have bypassed it and run the black (hot when key is on) straight to the coils, this worked last year. I have since completely tore the bike down nice then.

So when the key is on, all lights work, and everything fires, just fine and dandy. However when I turn the key off, the right cylinder continues to run. I have no voltage at the coils when the bike is off and key switch is on.

I have checked the key switch and it is operating properly, I have also tried using the old key switch that has always worked and receive the same issues. I replaced the condenser during the rebuild and have tried the old one just to make sure, with the same results.

I'm at a lost right now, any help is greatly appreciated.
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