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So I know there are 50 different ways of breaking in a motor after rebuild, and I need some opinions for a 72 CL350.

My project is pretty much done (for this year) and it involved going through the top end of the motor, with replacing cam chain and tensioner wheels/guides, rings, and gaskets. I have successfully started the motor surprisingly easy, and ran for 1min, let cool, then ran for 3min and let cool.

My next mode of action would be to take on a short easy ride, and most the writings I have seen call to not take the motor past 3000-3500km for a few hundred miles.

I'll never be able to put that kind of mileage on this motor in my small town, and anybody who has ridden these 350s know they run well over that RPM at highway speeds.

I was just wanting to find out what people have done, or if anybody has opinions on the correct way of doing this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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